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Coffee, Wine, & Drinks

We offer a wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks custom made to your liking. Be on the look out for seasonal drinks such as our Pumpkin Spice Latte !  Please stop by to enjoy a steaming cup of happiness made by our wonderful baristas.


Latte- espresso + steamed milk
Cappuccino- espresso + steamed milk + foam
Mocha- espresso + steamed milk + chocolate
Americano- espresso + hot water
Single/ Double Shot- pure espresso

Drip Coffee

Earth Song Blend- Fair Trade/ Medium Roast
Earth Song Decaf- Fair Trade/ Medium Roast
Hazelnut Creme- Flavored
American Select- Medium Roast
Blonde- Light Roast

Coffee Alternatives

Chai Latte- steamed milk + chai tee
Hot Cocoa- steamed milk + cocoa
Hot Teas- Tazo, Teltley, Lipton

 We offer milk alternatives such as Almond and Soy. We also have a wide variety of MONIN Syrups to make your drink one of a kind. Any of these drinks can be made iced during the summer season!


Dessert, sparkling and everyday wines. 

A wide variety of bottled or canned sodas, teas and juices, chilled water

As you can see, this page is still under construction. Come on in and find just the right wine to go with your dinner (or dessert – we can help with pairings), or pick up something to quench your thirst.