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Fresh Baked Specialty Breads

Our Breads

Our fresh baked breads are backed by 30 years of experience and dedication to quality.  We use whole grain flours and no artificial preservatives.  Because of the wide variety of breads we make, not all are available all the time, but most can be ordered with just a few days’ notice.  Some minimums may apply.

To ensure freshness we ship our products within hours of leaving our ovens.  Breads not eaten immediately can be frozen to preserve their fresh-baked quality.

Apple Cinnamon Bread $4.25
Sweet dough with finely chopped apples and cinnamon swirled throughout. Great toasted for breakfast with apple butter or as a tasty pb&j sandwich. Available by special order.

English Muffin Bread $3.65
Our most popular bread is buttery and textured with nooks and crannies.
It is best when toasted and makes delicious grilled sandwiches and French toast.

Caraway Onion Rye $3.65
A light rye bread made with coarsely crushed rye flakes, caraway seeds and minced onion, perfect for a stacked corned beef or pastrami sandwich.

French Brioche $4.50
Traditionally served as a breakfast bread, our brioche is light and moist with just a touch of sweetness.  We suggest warming it slightly in the oven, then tearing off pieces instead of slicing.  Available by special order.

German Black Bread (Deutches Schwarzbrot) $5.95
Weighing in at a hefty 2½ pounds, this dark and dense pure rye bread is delicious served thinly sliced with sharp cheeses and smoked meats.  Truly an old world favorite!   (Be aware that the density of this bread makes it difficult to slice and chew for some people.)

Irish Soda Bread $4.50
Perfect for St Patrick’s Day this traditional bread is flavored with raisins and molasses.  We like it lightly toasted with a pat of sweet butter for breakfast or afternoon tea.  Seasonal, available by special order.

Muffuletta $4.25
This authentic New Orleans bread makes a great muffuletta sandwich of ham, mortadella, salami, provolone cheese and olive salad.  Seasonal availability in February and March around Mardi Gras.

Pumpernickel $3.65
Dark with a medium dense texture, this staple bread is our favorite for hearty sandwiches. Use leftover bread to make delicious croutons for salads or soups.

Olive Bread $4.25
Kalamata olives in a firm fragrant dough make this a favorite among our savory breads.  It is great with soups, salads and for panini sandwiches.  Available by special order

Three Seed with Raisins & Walnuts $4.25
Sweetened only with golden raisins and California walnuts, this is a healthful whole grain bread with natural oils of sesame, cottonseed and linseed.  It’s best when toasted and topped with butter or cream cheese, and it makes delicious French toast and bread pudding.

Pumpernickel Raisin Bread $4.25
A customer requested we make this bread for a special occasion and it has become our newest best seller.  Sweetened only with golden raisins, try it toasted or for a turkey or chicken sandwich.  Available by special order.

Sesame Pan D’Oro $3.95
This golden semolina bread topped with sesame seeds is a great multipurpose bread.  Available by special order.

Six Grain (Volkornbrot)  1 lb $3.65   2 lb $5.25
Our most versatile whole-grain bread with a slightly crunchy texture and full flavor comes in a one pound boule and a two pound standard loaf.  Slice thin for sandwiches, thick for soups and entrees.

Sourdough $3.65
An all-purpose bread with a fine texture and mildly sour bite.  Its natural yeast flavor makes it great for sandwiches, regular or grilled, or as a side with entrees.

Sourdough Pesto $4.25
We flavor our sourdough bread with a combination of basil, oregano, pine nuts and garlic.  Delicious with soups and pastas and makes a uniquely flavorful grilled sandwich.  Available by special order.

Sunflower Rye $4.25
Whole sunflower seeds in a light rye bread make this a versatile choice for cold cuts or veggie sandwiches.

Three Seed Bread (Drei Saat) $3.65
The natural oils from cottonseeds, linseeds and sesame seeds give this whole-grain bread its unique taste and texture.  Toasting releases the healthful oils and enhances its flavor.  Available by special order.

Tomato Rosemary Bread $4.25
Sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary in our sourdough based bread is a savory favorite.  Excellent with pasta and for sandwiches, bruschetta and croutons.

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